Linguaskill - The accurate English test with fast results

Linguaskill is a quick and convenient online test to help candidates & organizations check the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates. It tests all four language skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

It provides accurate results within 48 hours, and can be easily administered and invigilated at your own venue at a time that suits you. Results are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability.

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A. Exam Type

Linguaskill Business

Linguaskill Business tests English used in a business and corporate setting, and is most suitable for recruitment in organisations where employees are expected to be familiar with the language of business. It is suitable for large or small organisations, which may be operating on an international level. Test topics include the buying and selling of products or services, the office, business travel and human resources

Linguaskill General

Linguaskill General tests language used in daily life, making it suitable for university admission, and recruitment for roles in a non-business-specific environment. For example, where the employee needs strong English skills to perform their role effectively, but will not need specialist business terminology. This makes the test suitable for a broad spectrum of organisations. Test topics include studying and working, making future plans, travel and technology.

B. Exam Package

Reading & Listening

The Reading and Listening module is adaptive, so there is not a fixed number of questions. Each question the candidate answers helps the computer to understand their level better. The test finishes when the candidate has answered enough questions for Linguaskill to identify their level takes 85 minutes.

Type of questions:

I. Reading

1. Read and select; read a notice, label, memo or letter containing a short text and choose the sentence or phrase that most closely matches the meaning of the text. There are three possible answers.

2. Gapped sentences; read a sentence with a missing word (gap) and choose the correct word to fill the gap. There are three or four choices for each gap.

3. Multiple-choice gap-fill; choose the right word or phrase to fill the gaps in a text. There are three or four choices for each gap.

4. Open gap-fill; read a short text in which there are some missing words (gaps) and write in the missing word in each gap.

II. Listening

1. listen to a short audio recording and answer a multiple-choice question with three options.

2. Extended listening: listen to a longer recording and answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on it. The questions are in the same order as the information they hear in the recording.


Exam Process

1. Registration:

  • Complete exam booking online form, choose your exam type, exam package and select your exam date.
  • Complete the E-payment process, and get your payment confirmation.
  • By Maximum 24 hours before your exam day you will receive your secure exam weblink.

2. Examination:

  • Please check the technical requirements Here
  • Login to your secure exam weblink at your selected time on your exam day – you will then receive instructions by your live exam proctor.
  • Complete test online.

3. Getting your results:

  • Receive results online within 2 business days.


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